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Project Manager
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Project Manager
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I am a designer born and bred in the mountains of Utah. Though I have frequently bopped in and out of The Beehive State over the last decade, I am currently back in Salt Lake City, brushing up on my design + foosball skills with the great crew at Underbelly.

Before joining Underbelly as a lowly intern in 2012, I dabbled in photography and journalism before ultimately graduating in 2010 with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing + Communications. Post graduation, I did a stint at a digital marketing firm, gCommerce, as a Creative Strategist — which is fancy title for wrangling teams during website redesigns. While there, I learned the subtleties of managing team relationships and client interactions, but my passion was in discussing and critiquing designs with the creative team. I followed that passion to objective, where I continued working as a project manager. As a development agency that dabbled in design, I was able to help direct and grow the design team, as well as learn the basics of development. It was at this intersection of design + development that I found a deeper passion for design and its processes.

I soon realized I wanted to be a designer and not a cat herder, in 2012, I approached the budding team at Underbelly and offered to be their first intern. With no formal training as a designer, I am convinced they said "yes" because of my background in client relations. And while I've failed to learn the artful skills needed to make a good cup of coffee, over the last 3 years, I have learned the ins and outs of design.


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I will ditch out on the best party to relax at home, if a good film and a glass of whiskey are involved.



When going out to eat, there is a 98% I'll order a burger if it's on the menu.



I have been known to publicly emote over the benefits of yoga and fake eyelashes.


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